Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Armchairs Worthy of My Studio

In my quest to feature chairs that appealed to my sensibilities and that I felt represented what was important to me, I found these representations, by very talented and generous Etsy artisans.  I hope you like them as much as I do. This Item Has a Very Cute Description and Benefits Cancer Research. 

It is done by loveartworks, and says ahhhhhhhhh...

Take a load off.....Have a seat....Rest your weary bones....Relax and stay awhile...repose.....

This is a unique black, white and 1 color "doodle" bowl, born out of a need to SIMPLIFY.  The artist says it is like a warm little hug that you hold in your hands....ORGANIC COMFORT BOWLS!  The inside of the bowl is a stunning deep reddish/orange with a black curlicue! On the outside is 5 little chairs: a super comfortable recliner, 2 different straight-backed wooden kitchen chairs, a thoroughly modern Eames design, and a caned rocker! Underneath... the word REPOSE and signed and dated. It measures about 6.5" in diameter and is 2 1/4" deep.  All proceeds from the sale of this bowl will be donated to the American Cancer Society for 'etsyprojectembrace' in support of fellow Etsy seller, Laura. Proceeds go to charity, and you know how much that means to me! This is a good sized bowl! I thought it would be great for my Nanny's cabbage soup (if I could ever find the recipe)!  There is nothing more comforting than that!


This Print is So Sweet and Benefits a Homeless Shelter! 

This one is a little print that was made to honor the Wellhouse Community and Homeless Shelter in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This cause is near and dear to my heart!  All proceeds from these prints are donated directly to Wellhouse, done by theantibride! It is a limited edition, hand-pulled linocut print. The print comes unframed, measures 4.5 x 5.5", and is run on white archival paper.


  1. ah, thanks for including me in this! looks great!

    sarah, theantibride

  2. beautiful items! I've a love for nice chairs, seems to be a constant search.

  3. Thank You so much Mick for featuring my Repose bowl in your incredible Blog! I am honored! The bowl sold and the proceeds went to the American Cancer Society to help find a cure, so I think it's time to get my butt out of my comfy armchair and get to work painting another one!
    I love your Blog and I LOVE your "late" New Year's Resolutions!
    Thank You again and don't get too comfy in your fabulous chair...
    :) Kristin

    ps....tried to vote for those scrumptious espresso brownies and i guess i'm banned from dessert today.....

  4. You are so welcome! I am so pleased that you enjoy my blog. Come back and visit anytime!



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