Wednesday, January 27, 2010

These Just Sold!!!

These one-of-a-kind glamorous yellow quartz and sterling silver earrings just sold! Stunning, classic and sure to bring tons of compliments.

Other fabulous earrings are still for sale, or contact me to make you a custom pair!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Year Resolutions - Belated

Ok, so it's not January 1st, in fact, it's not even the beginning of January any more. But, here goes....
1. I will not procrastinate.
2. I will mail out all my holiday gifts (yes, there may still be a couple that haven't gone out yet)
3. I will not procrastinate.
4. I will try not to judge others (humfff - see above)
5. I will not resolve to exercise (If I do, it's a sure bet that I won't)
6. I will not put off cleaning the house (this one is not about proscrastinating...I just hate to do it)
7. I will not let leftovers get green and fuzzy in my refrigerator.
8. I will learn how to make perfect jumprings (they are the little circles that you open and close to connect jewelry pieces - it's really the easiest thing to do, but I rush through them and can't seem to get them perfect)
9. I will not be a perfectionist.
10. I will post regular entries onto my blog (which I love to do, but sometimes get busy doing other things)
11. I will not procrastinate.

Happy (Belated) New Year!


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