Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I Also Believe in the Power of a Great Pair of Earrings

When I was younger, I never left the house without putting on make-up, at least mascara, eyeliner, and lipstick. The essentials. It was probably just the insecurities that come with youth.

Now, as a confident adult, I don’t have a need for make-up on the weekends. I may even go out to lunch without it. But, I have found that the key to happiness is, undoubtedly…a great pair of earrings!

Nothing can make you feel as pretty, sexy or finished as a great pair of earrings. And no make-up is even needed. Having something colorful, shiny, dainty or bold near your face can make you feel bright and alive. It makes your bad hair day better, it makes your weekend jeans and a tee shirt more stylish.

But it has to be just that right pair. Not just anything will do. If your passion is sterling silver like mine is, then it needs to feature fabulous sterling silver. If your hair is dark and curly, you need to find earrings that show bright against those unruly locks. If your hair is light, go with something that pops, with color, or a deep dark stone. You’ll know they’re the perfect pair, because they are the ones you go for, time and again. They are the first ones you grab. They are the ones that make you feel… you. Beautiful. Unique. Special.

You may not always get compliments. I think earrings are almost too personal for people to comment on, but they’ll notice. Necklaces get the compliments, but earrings get the looks. People will notice there is something attractive about you on the day you wear the perfect pair of earrings. You’ll know they notice, because you will notice. Walk through the mall and catch a glimpse of yourself from a side view in a mirror, you’ll know you made the right choice.

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  1. Great post! I agree, you can wear anything so long as you're confident about it. So great that women have so many choices now and don't have to conform to society!



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